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Take a moment to reuse and help the environment

We choose what to wear daily.  Our actions and decisions can help to protect the environment, so using one of the wide selection of eco friendly bags that are on the market seems like it is so simple. Retailers do provide choices out there and we tend to wonder if the right bag merely come down to personality or style?  Or do we look at the quality and make of the bag ? So we’ve talked to experts and put together a buying guide to help you find the right reusable shopping bag for your lifestyle. You can use them for years to come, they’ll keep your food fresher and you won’t miss those disposable plastic and paper bags one bit. Why tote a reusable bag? Julie Zizka, owner and designer of The Tote Buddy, a case that holds several reusable bags, told us that using making the switch to these carryalls was “the simplest thing that I can do to help heal the planet.” She’s passionate about eliminating single-use items that are just tossed in the trash and assures us that making the switch is easy. Steven Apfelbaum, an ecologist and the founder of Applied Ecological Services, Inc., a leading ecological consulting firm says that he uses reusable bags not only for shopping, but also for tasks like gardening and toting pet supplies. He explained that the process of making traditional paper grocery bags includes over-harvesting our forests, chemical off-gassing and a lot of energy consumption. And don’t even get him started on plastic bags. They blow all over the landscape, fill up our landfills and pose a hazard to wildlife. Plus, he says, “there is very little need for using air and water tight plastic bags. In fact, some air flow is better for produce and will prevent mold and mildew.”