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Retail Giants Take Leadership In Using Eco-friendly Bags

Here at, we aim to promote eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bags.

We are aware that using plastic bags is like a bad habit that’s hard to remove. We cannot blame you because our society continues to use it.  It is convenient to use , cheap and readily accessible.  Most retail stores are offering it free for every purchase.

However, the trend is slowly changing. Some chain stores such as Target, Carrefour, Fred Meyer, JC Penney, IKEA, Tesco and Macy’s are actively promoting the use of alternative eco-friendly bags.

Personally, I think it’s a brave move for these chain stores to pursue this initiative of using eco-friendly bags.   However, I applaud them for taking leadership in doing the right thing.  In the near future, I hope that other stores will follow.

In fact,  once you get used to the idea of not using any plastic bags you will realize that there is really no need for one.   A reusable bag is a more practical and eco-friendly alternative for all your shopping needs!  There are so many designs available!  To add, most can be conveniently folded into the size of your wallet or even into a tiny key chain.   You can always carry one in your bag or your pocket!

Just like these retail giants, I hope you can take a stand against plastic bags and set the trend in using eco-friendly alternatives.  Checkout our eco store to view a range of foldable reusable bags and start using one now!


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