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Plastic Bag Art by Joshua Allen Harris

New York Magazine posted this video by Jonah Green in YouTube back in 2008.  However, it seems a lot of people haven’t viewed it yet, so we wanted to share it with you.

Joshua Allen Harris used plastic bags, trash bags and shopping bags to create street art.  He explained that part of its magic is “it looks like trash on the street then it becomes animated and comes to life“.  He cleverly used exhaust and subway air to bring these plastic bag sculptures to life.











Plastic Bag Animal by Joshua Allen Harris photo from

We wish that more people can be creative in recycling plastic bags instead of simply (and sometimes carelessly) disposing it.  Most plastic bags end up in our waterways and landfills.  It can harm our wildlife and eventually humans, as it pollutes our soil and water.

Thus, we endeavor to promote the use of foldable bags, reusable bags and eco bags every time.  Reducing the use of plastic bags means fewer pollutants for the earth 🙂


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