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“Green” is the new “Black”

reusable foldable bag tucked in a handbag

“Going Green” is not a trend.  It is becoming more and more of a fashion icon.

Back in 2006, the New York Times published an article:

“Eco-friendly: Why green is the new black”

It discussed why you don’t have to be an eco activist anymore to declare that you care for the environment.   “For the cool and stylish, green is the new black.”

Green apparel or more popularly referred to as “eco fashion” refers to clothing designed using ethical, sustainable and environment-friendly products.

Four years since 2006, eco fashion is still considered hot!    In fact, the Museum at FIT in New York will be holding an exhibit about “Eco Fashion: Going Green” from May 25, 2010 through November 26, 2010.

It will feature the works of popular eco fashion labels Edun, Bodkin, FIN, and NOIR together with more than 100 garments, accessories, and textiles from the mid-18th century to the present. The exhibit will provide a historical context of how eco fashion movement evolved in the fashion industry.

Here at, as avid shoppers we wanted to do our part for the environment by promoting reusable shopping bags. We aim to encourage people to use”eco bags everyday and every time” and not only when they remember to bring them.

Foldable eco bags make it more convenient for any shopper to always have it handy inside her everyday bag.

Please visit our Foldable Bags Store, Eco Bags Store and The Eco Store pages for a selection of foldable eco bags and other eco-friendly products.

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