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Get To Know Your Eco Friendly Bags

There are days when plenty of sustainable options available to help the environment and lessen the impact.  For anyone who is not well informed,  you can look past the presentation and marketing them as green can sometimes be deceiving. We can help to find the best sustainable bag option for shoppers and for the environment.


Here are the type of bags available.

  • Biogradable plastic bags are made that meets the standard for biodegradability.  It is usually made of corn starch or a plant material that breaks down or it composts into carbon dioxide, methane, biomass and water.
  • Degradable bags are made from petroleum based plastic and when exposed to oxygen or sunlight.  The bags will start breaking down into smaller pieces.
  • HDPE  or high density polyethylene plastic bags are lightweight plastic.  It is mainly a single used plastic bag.
  • LDPE  or low density polyethylene bags is a thicker plastic.  It is more often used to make customized boutique designer bags for the top end shops.
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