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Last April 2010, we posted a photo in our Flickr account of a “green grocery bag”.  It was our very first photo in Flickr.

Here is the photo:

green grocery bag










Photo source:  (flickr)

We were originally looking for a ” reusable green bag photo”  that we can use for one of our blog articles “Foldable bags   vs.  Green bags“.   However, we can’t find any free photos  on the web.  Thus, we took a picture of one of our reusable green bags.   We posted it on Flickr, so others can freely use it but with “attribution” to us.

Since then, our photo was used in several articles online.   It just shows the growing topic about “going green” and how more and more people are campaigning to use “reusable bags” over the traditional plastic bags.

Here are some of the articles where our “reusable green bag” photo was used:

Paper, Plastic or Reusable,…It’s Your Choice

Mexico is Going Green

California Supreme Court to Decide: “Paper or Plastic”

Eco Home Design and Environmental Friendly Habits

How to be Plastic Bag Free

Proposed Plastic Bag Ban Amended, Minimum 5-Cent Charge Deleted

Facts About Going Green

Be Bright Green and E-cool

Project Energy Smart

Just like the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words“,  a single reusable green bag can be used to convey different messages about “going green”.

It is hard to totally get rid of plastic bags because it literally became a part of our everyday life for several decades.  But, it is never too late to start an eco revolution on using reusable bags as a more sustainable alternative for the benefit of our future generation.


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