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Foldable Bags vs. Green Bags

reusable foldable bag

Personally, I prefer using my eco friendly “foldable bag” over my reusable “green bag“.  I would rather be seen as a fashionable eco shopper 🙂  I simply love using my foldable bags in any shopping trip and yes, that includes going to the grocery.

Some foldable reusable bags are sturdy enough to carry the equivalent of two plastic shopping bags!  In fact, certain brands even specify how many kilos their reusable foldable bags can carry.

Oftentimes, a lot of people can overlook the strength of these foldable bags because they tend to focus more on its aesthetics looks. However, these range of eco bags combines fashion sense with strength, quality and eco friendliness. It is definitely better than using a plastic bag!

But, I still give credit to the “Green bags”.  After all, it was the “Green bag” that originally prompted me to use an eco friendly alternative to a plastic bag.   I’ve been using it for some time now for my groceries.  It helped me reduce the use of plastic bags.

green grocery bag

But lately, these green bags were being exposed as not really an eco-friendly alternative.  A post in the Envirosax blog “Polypropylene Bags – Tomorrows Landfill”, discussed that these green bags are more of a marketing ploy than a real benefit to the environment.  These green bags can decompose when exposed to UV light.  To add, although many are marketing it as a biodegradable product… in an uncontrolled environment it cannot decompose into an organic material.

Here are more informative articles putting a stoplight in the use of these Green grocery bags:

How Green is your bag?  by The Sydney Morning Herald

Tesco’s “Green” bags are worse for the environment by The Daily Mail -UK

Why not poly shopping bags? by Project Green Bag

Should we use Paper bag or Corn Starch bag to avoid Polythene or Polypropylene? by

Honestly, after reading all these interesting views about “Green bags”, I’m glad I’ve switched to more fashionable alternatives such as reusable foldable bags!

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