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Plastic Bag Ban + Holiday =

I’ve always believed that every website has a story from where it all started. So here’s the story behind

Recently, one of our local major retailers removed the use of plastic bags from its stores. The management started to replace the plastic shopping bags with more eco friendly alternatives.   They started selling the green reusable bags and compostable bags in lieu of the free plastic bag that came with a purchase.

green reusable bag
Green Reusable Bag

The green bags are just selling for a few cents, yet I would rather bring my goods with me or stash it in my small handbag.  If it’s too bulky for my handbag, I usually bring it back to my car before I continue with my shopping.

After awhile, the effort became more tedious for me.  Sometimes, to save on paying for the green bags I would shop at that particular store last.   Then, I would stow away the items I bought from that “no to plastic bags” store in the plastic bag that came with my purchases from another  store.

By now, you must be asking why I can’t just purchase that compostable bag or green bag for my convenience, if it only costs me a few cents.  It’s better for the environment anyway compared to using plastic bags.  Well, true, true…

However, I don’t like paying for things that I don’t need.  I’ve got too much free plastic bags in the house already and the same goes for the “go green bags” (which I use as a grocery bag only).  To add, I don’t think it’s too fashionable to be bringing these green bags around when I’m shopping.  It is also too bulky to always have it in my bag.

However, everything changed after a recent holiday in Asia.  It was the first time I took notice of  these fashionable foldable bags.  I knew they’ve been selling foldable bags locally too, but it was different when I saw this wall full of stylish foldable bags.  It really grabbed my attention to buy not one but several in different designs.

It was so compact, sturdy and fashionable too! I bought several foldable bags.  I always have one inside my frequently used bags.  Now, I don’t leave the house without one! It was so handy.  Plus, I don’t mind carrying it around when I’m shopping because it is very stylish.

Reusable bags
stylish reusable foldable bags

My friends loved it.  People who saw me using it adored my foldable bag.  They all wanted to buy one.  If they were excited about seeing my foldable bags, I’m sure they would go crazy (like I did) over the fashionable foldable bag range I saw during my holiday.

So in my effort to buy more of these fashionable foldable bags for my friends,  I searched the internet for “foldable bags”.  There are several brands available carrying great designs. However, there is no niche store specializing on these fashionable and stylish foldable bags!  I have to go to different websites to compare and shop…

Until, I founded the  It is an eco friendly website where you can find a collection of fashionable reusable foldable bags from different merchants.  Now, it is easier to buy these wonderful foldable bags online.

My team has added an Eco Store as well where you can buy, compare and search for more eco bags and other eco friendly products.

We hope you love the products you can find in our store the way we did. is not just a niche store.  It is a store born out of love for our products and run with passion for eco-friendly products.

We want you to be a fashionable green shopper by using a reusable foldable bag everyday and every time!” Team

Please visit our Foldable Bags and Eco Bags selections. Check out the great range of foldable bags available in our store pages.  Now you can be an eco friendly shopper by always having a reusable foldable bag with you.

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