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Green is the “New Black. To “Go Green” is not a trend. It is a must to future-proof our environment!

As avid shoppers, we wanted to do our part for the environment by promoting reusable shopping bags.

We wanted to put a special focus on “foldable bags”  so you can always have it with you…and not only when you remember to bring them.

For your eco shopping convenience, please browse through  our  Eco Store where you can find some of the best designs, collections and brands of folding reusable bags under the Foldable Bags category.

We’ve also added an extensive range of other eco-friendly bags from some of the best brands available in the market classified under the Eco Bags category.

As an eco-friendly website, please read our posts for any eco product updates, news, articles and for featured eco-friendly celebrity shoppers.  The Foldable Bags.com Team will endeavor to update our blog frequently to give you the latest eco articles and news.

We also have a Resources page  with references to other eco-friendly websites and blogs.

(If you have an eco-friendly blog or related website, please contact us so we can include you in our Resources directory.)

We want you to be a fashionable green shopper by using a reusable foldable bag everyday and every time!


Foldable Bags.com Team


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Shop with confidence, Thank you for visiting us! Enjoy shopping!