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Get To Know Your Eco Friendly Bags

There are days when plenty of sustainable options available to help the environment and lessen the impact.  For anyone who is not well informed,  you can look past the presentation and marketing them as green can sometimes be deceiving. We can help to find the best sustainable bag option for shoppers and for the environment.


Here are the type of bags available.

  • Biogradable plastic bags are made that meets the standard for biodegradability.  It is usually made of corn starch or a plant material that breaks down or it composts into carbon dioxide, methane, biomass and water.
  • Degradable bags are made from petroleum based plastic and when exposed to oxygen or sunlight.  The bags will start breaking down into smaller pieces.
  • HDPE  or high density polyethylene plastic bags are lightweight plastic.  It is mainly a single used plastic bag.
  • LDPE  or low density polyethylene bags is a thicker plastic.  It is more often used to make customized boutique designer bags for the top end shops.
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Reusable Foldable Bags are Not Just for Women

I was reading one of the reviews for these reusable bags, Waste-Less Bags Farmstand Variety Pack, 4-Count Bags when one of the comments caught my attention. It was mentioned that many men would also love to use reusable bags if only it comes with more guy-friendly designs.

It is true that most foldable reusable bag designs caters to females. However, there are also many designs available that falls under the unisex segment of the market.

Reusable bags are for everyone. I’m very hopeful that one day, we can use it more than plastic bags. There are so many designs available that can cater to all sexes, individual style and convenience of use. Some are rated to withstand heavy loads, while others can be folded into a neat little key chain. Do checkout our product categories to view and purchase a reusable foldable bag that will suit your individual styles and needs.



To end, here is a video of celebrities with their reusable Envirosax foldable bags.

Next time you go shopping consider using a reusable foldable bag. Always have one in your bag, car or your pocket 🙂

Image Source:

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Last April 2010, we posted a photo in our Flickr account of a “green grocery bag”.  It was our very first photo in Flickr.

Here is the photo:

green grocery bag










Photo source:  (flickr)

We were originally looking for a ” reusable green bag photo”  that we can use for one of our blog articles “Foldable bags   vs.  Green bags“.   However, we can’t find any free photos  on the web.  Thus, we took a picture of one of our reusable green bags.   We posted it on Flickr, so others can freely use it but with “attribution” to us.

Since then, our photo was used in several articles online.   It just shows the growing topic about “going green” and how more and more people are campaigning to use “reusable bags” over the traditional plastic bags.

Here are some of the articles where our “reusable green bag” photo was used:

Paper, Plastic or Reusable,…It’s Your Choice

Mexico is Going Green

California Supreme Court to Decide: “Paper or Plastic”

Eco Home Design and Environmental Friendly Habits

How to be Plastic Bag Free

Proposed Plastic Bag Ban Amended, Minimum 5-Cent Charge Deleted

Facts About Going Green

Be Bright Green and E-cool

Project Energy Smart

Just like the adage “A picture is worth a thousand words“,  a single reusable green bag can be used to convey different messages about “going green”.

It is hard to totally get rid of plastic bags because it literally became a part of our everyday life for several decades.  But, it is never too late to start an eco revolution on using reusable bags as a more sustainable alternative for the benefit of our future generation.


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“Go Green Kids” for a Better Earth

As I was watching an episode of “Desperate Housewives”, I realized how many people doesn’t really seem to care about the environment.

The argument in that particular episode was…

“I haven’t been recycling before and won’t bother to recycle now.  As far as I’m concerned, I’m happy with the environment I live in.”

The other neighbor argued, “What about the future generation?  How will they survive in such a polluted environment?”

The non-recycling neighbor could not be bothered because she argued; she will be dead by then.  Plus, she doesn’t have any nor would have any grandchildren that would get affected anyway.

I wish I can say that it’s one of those episodes that can only happen in the movies.  However, it is an everyday reality that happens in a lot of neighborhoods.   Some people only care for the moment and for their own good.

But, life is all about give and take.  If the environment gives you something then you should care for it in return.  Some people would have given more for the future generation such as those who died fighting for our nation, so that people like us can enjoy freedom and normal lives.  Thus, one can’t really say that you should only care for whatever affects you.  Whatever you have right now is of course attributable mainly to your efforts, but also to the many contributions of the people around you.

But honestly, it can sometimes be a fruitless effort to convert this type of people to care for the environment.  Sometimes, it is best to divert this endeavor to the younger generation.  Start them early into recycling and caring for the environment.  As the saying goes, it is best to “nip it in the bud”.  It is best to deal with the problem when they are still manageable.  Once these kids grow up without any concern for the environment they live in, it will be a struggle to overturn their routine.

It is comparable to how many of us still struggle to eliminate the use of plastic bags.   Since we were kids, we got used to the convenience of using one or being supplied with it in every grocery shopping.  Now that we know how it can negatively impact our environment, we still continue to use it out of convenience.  It is like a bad habit that’s hard to get rid of.

However, things could be different if we’ve been introduced early into using reusable bags.  Since, we can’t turn back time…it is best that we encouraged and instill in the young instead, the benefits of recycling.

You can encourage them to use reusable bags.  They can either decorate their own fabric bags which they can reuse in lieu of plastics bags or you can buy them some reusable kids’ bags which hopefully can set the trend among their peers 🙂

Hopefully, these “Go Green Kids” can help protect the earth and preserve it for future generations.  Sometimes future proofing the earth  is not about finding alternative sources of accommodation, water or resources but it is about preserving and nurturing our natural environment now.

Please do check our “Eco Store” for a range of  fashionable and reusable foldable bags.  It comes in a range of designs, styles and colors that you’ll be proud to be called an eco shopper!

Photo source: Flickr by tibchris


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Foldable Bags vs. Green Bags

reusable foldable bag

Personally, I prefer using my eco friendly “foldable bag” over my reusable “green bag“.  I would rather be seen as a fashionable eco shopper 🙂  I simply love using my foldable bags in any shopping trip and yes, that includes going to the grocery.

Some foldable reusable bags are sturdy enough to carry the equivalent of two plastic shopping bags!  In fact, certain brands even specify how many kilos their reusable foldable bags can carry.

Oftentimes, a lot of people can overlook the strength of these foldable bags because they tend to focus more on its aesthetics looks. However, these range of eco bags combines fashion sense with strength, quality and eco friendliness. It is definitely better than using a plastic bag!

But, I still give credit to the “Green bags”.  After all, it was the “Green bag” that originally prompted me to use an eco friendly alternative to a plastic bag.   I’ve been using it for some time now for my groceries.  It helped me reduce the use of plastic bags.

green grocery bag

But lately, these green bags were being exposed as not really an eco-friendly alternative.  A post in the Envirosax blog “Polypropylene Bags – Tomorrows Landfill”, discussed that these green bags are more of a marketing ploy than a real benefit to the environment.  These green bags can decompose when exposed to UV light.  To add, although many are marketing it as a biodegradable product… in an uncontrolled environment it cannot decompose into an organic material.

Here are more informative articles putting a stoplight in the use of these Green grocery bags:

How Green is your bag?  by The Sydney Morning Herald

Tesco’s “Green” bags are worse for the environment by The Daily Mail -UK

Why not poly shopping bags? by Project Green Bag

Should we use Paper bag or Corn Starch bag to avoid Polythene or Polypropylene? by

Honestly, after reading all these interesting views about “Green bags”, I’m glad I’ve switched to more fashionable alternatives such as reusable foldable bags!

Please visit our Foldable Bags and Eco Bags selections of fashionable (and of course reusable!) foldable bags and other eco-friendly products.